Thursday, April 25, 2013

Diversify Your Stock Or Bonds Portfolio By AutoCopying Best Forex Traders

During hard times, economic crisis and unstable markets it is a good idea to diversify your stocks or bonds portfolio. But people are asking what other diversifying options beyond stocks, bonds or commodities are out there. Before I explain the idea of auto copying best currency (forex) traders, let´s see what more classical diversification options you have for investing in 2013 and beyond.

REITs – Real estate investment trusts can provide you a stream of income as well property ownership.
Master Limited Partnerships – MLPs are mainly involved in the oil and natural gas pipeline business.
Preferred Stock – This is a hybrid security. It offers dividend payments and also limited voting rights, but is sensitive to interest rates and so you should monitor it for credit quality.
Annuities – These are contracts that will bring you an income stream over a certain period of time. They have an advantage that they can guarantee you a minimum level of return.
Precious Metals – Gold’s value is historically correlated to currency valuations over long periods of time. Over shorter periods, it is influenced by shifts in sentiment. If you do not wish to bother with buying physical metals, consider investing in ETF.
Commodities – A basket of well chosen commodities, like precious metals, energy (e.g., oil) or agricultural goods (e.g., wheat) provides a hedge against inflation. It also lowers the volatility of your portfolio holding only stocks.

– Foreign currencies can help protect your portfolio against fluctuations in the U.S. dollar. But they can also be used for a long or short term trading. Forex market is huge with billions of dollars traded on a daily basis. Traders are able to profit when markets go up (long positions) but also when markets go down (short positions) and thanks to a use of leverage their profits can be very lucrative compared to other investment vehicles.  But trading on your own can be very hard and risky if you do not know what you are doing.
And here comes your diversifying opportunity for 2013 and beyond.  If you simply do not know how to trade currencies or you do not have time to do that you can take advantage of fast growing and popular forex social investing networks. They allow you to create your own portfolio of best forex traders and auto copy their trades on your trading account.
One of the largest forex social investment networks is Zulutrade. This company was founded in 2006 and created bridge between forex traders (signal providers) and followers (people who copy other traders). There are thousands of signal providers you can choose from by different criteria like: overall profit, average pips/trade, maximum drawdown, number of open trades, minimum necessary equity, win% , number of followers and more. Each trader has detailed statistics that will tell you more about his trading style, strategy, risk and money management. Zulutrade uses advanced formula to rank all signal providers. Visit Zulu ranking to see best performing forex traders.
As this article is about diversification, I encourage you to check our other article published lately. It is about managing your risk by diversifying your investment by auto copying  more than one signal provider. It can be an eye opening reading that will show you how you can acheive returns like 300% p.a. while your risk can be very low.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Forex Live Trading News Today

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

How To Earn 100% ROI Profit Risk Free in 2013

Here is a quick tip that can earn you 100% profit in 2013. You can do it by copying other profitable traders on one of the largest forex social investment networks Zulutrade. There are thousands of traders (signal providers) to choose from, but to make 100% profit you can use a simple diversification strategy. Follow and copy first 15 traders in Zulutrade ranking. See the screenshot below for real data earnings. That would be your profit if you have followed those traders. (click on the image to enlarge)


Play with Zulu simulator yourself to better understand the potential. As you can see you would set your lot size for almost all selected traders to 0.01 (1 microlot) so your investment would be very secure. Also as you can see from the graph, your maximum drawdown for the full time period would be very low, always much less than 10%. You can also add more providers as Zulutrade has no limit how many traders you can copy. To select other signal providers click on TRADERS and then on SIMULATE. You can create your own investment portfolio that suits your risk preferences. You can choose more risky traders and your profit can be more than 100%.